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Our cuisine is original, elaborate and defined by our chefs team. All our dishes made with first quality product. We have noticed among all, two remarkable dishes and appreciated from our customers, here above their presentations:

The Grand Cru of Les Pêcheurs: it is a special filleting of fresh royal sea bream, sashimi type, seized with spiced sauce with ginger and yuzu. The result is a fresh taste of raw fish with these spices released.

Tarte Tatin: is our original interpretation of a classic French cuisine. We glaze the apples with a special technique and insert an ice cream scoop inside to contrast the flavor of the hot pie with the cold of his heart.

Special mention worthed for the Pistachio Moelleux  …. And much more …


We have a pool to offer you the freshness of live lobster lobsters and other seafood depending on the season.