Bouillabaisse is a dish with very ancient origins: it was prepared in Ancient Greece and in the Old Roman times, and after, as it is called now, it comes from fishing culture of the Côte de Provence.

The meaning of the word is made of the two verbs bolhir (to boil) and abaissar (to reduce heat),  so “low it (fire stove) when it boils …” because of the long cooking time required to prepare it.

Our Bouillabaisse is well known because of our long tradition and great expertise, as well as the quality of ingredients… Every day Steve Molinari brings us his rockfish fishing from the sea nearby Nice. Then we prepare a soup that boils for 4 hours. Ali, our kitchen ‘comis’ has been preparing it since 1989, always with the same patience and passion.

After this long process, the soup is seasoned by the Chef with special spices and a homemade fish broth and we serve it with daily choice of big fishes of the day, cooked ithemselves in this soup, freshly after your order.